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Welcome to Natasha Bibbins Ministries

A ministry of empowerment for all people! We believe in the POWER of the Holy Ghost and the grace of God to transform lives. Whether you are looking for a book, a journal, a conference ticket, or a prayer request, you will find something here to inspire and uplift you. Browse our products and discover how to recharge your faith and renew your spirit. Thank you for visiting and supporting our ministry!

Are you ready to experience the fire of God in your life? Do you want to learn how to activate your prophetic gifts and receive deliverance from mental and spiritual bondage? If so, you don’t want to miss RECHARGE 2024, a two-day event that will ignite your faith and spirituality like never before. Join Dr. Natasha Bibbins and other anointed speakers and guests as they share the word of God and minister to your soul. You will also enjoy worship, fellowship, and fun with other believers who are passionate about the kingdom of God. Don’t wait; get your ticket today and secure your spot for this life-changing event. RECHARGE 2024 is more than just a conference; it’s a divine encounter!

Get ready to be ignited at RECHARGE 2024! Join us for a transformative experience that’s all about the Fire of God. Be inspired by our esteemed speakers, including Dr. Natasha Bibbins, who is renowned for her powerful teachings and dynamic presence. Apostle Jermaine Johnson will enlighten you with prophetic teaching & activations on Saturday morning. Bishop Shawn Lewis is set to elevate your mental health, deliverance, and prayer journey on Saturday morning as well. Apostle Joy Pitts will set your soul ablaze with Friday Night Fire in Columbus, GA, at 5 pm. Pastor Cedric Rouson promises an unforgettable recharge session on Saturday night in Chesapeake, VA, at 5 pm. And let’s not forget our guest Psalmist, Pastor Michelle Crawley from Suffolk, VA, who will grace us with her heavenly voice! Don’t miss this divine appointment – book your tickets now!

Recharge: 31 Days of Empowerment and Journaling

NOW is time for you to Recharge! Why ReCharge? Most of us are living our life in the fast line, running on empty. I heard the words, “empty batteries having trouble keeping charge”. The issue is we are not charging our batteries using the right Power Source. We often get distracted and connected to what will give us only a slight non-lasting jolt. It is my desire that after reading this devotional and journal, you will see how changing your power source will keep your battery from dying and give you all you need to help recharge others without being so drained. Jesus is the RIGHT POWER SOURCE.